Our Facility

The lab - We have in house lab equipment to run chemistry panels and CBC's on all our species, as well fecal exams. We also perform microscopic analysis on samples of blood, skin, urine, and feces.

Scale - We will weigh each animal as they come into the clinic. We have large and small scales and also have a cattle scale. An accurate weight is an important part of each patient's medical record.

Preparation/Treatment Area - We performs exams on all our surgery patients prior to there procedures and draw a small sample of blood for a few basic tests. Animals are prepped here for surgery then moved into our surgery room.


Specialized Equipment

Digital x-ray - This provides very detailed x-rays that we can magnify to help us interpret them better.

Endoscope - We can use this to examine the inside of the trachea, esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine without a full exploratory surgery and in some cases remove foreign objects.

Anesthetic monitor - This provides us with continuous monitoring of our patients under anesthetic. We can look at heart rate, ECG, percent of oxygen in the blood, respiration rate, body temperature, and blood pressure.

Surgery Laser - This is a useful tool to help control bleeding especially in our lump removal surgeries. We use this instead of a scalpel to cut the skin. It seals the vessels as it cuts, thus reducing bleeding.

Therapeutic Laser - A cold laser therapy that stimulates cells to heal. We use the laser in conjunction with other treatments as well as by itself.

Ultrasound - we can detect pregnancies around day 28 in both cats and dogs, and we can do abdominal scans to help us diagnose tumors.

Circulating hot water blanket/hot dog warmer - this is used to help maintain our patients body temperature while they are under anesthetic.

Dental unit - this has an ultrasonic scaler, drill, polisher and an air/water nozzle. This helps us perform our dental procedures. We also have digital dental x-ray.

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Barr-North Veterinary Services Ltd
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Hours of Operation
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